Why elect Republicans if they're going to vote this way?

Why elect Republicans if they're going to vote this way?

--Voting for Oregon's Obamacare!

--Voting to give illegals special Oregon drivers' licenses

--Voting for the multi-billion dollar boondoggle I-5 light rail bridge

--Voting to create a pathway for early release for sexual criminals

--Voting to put the government into the hotel business competing with private enterprise

--Then voting to not allow voters to approve the costs of building that boondoggle Portland hotel even though 73% of the voters want to vote on it!

A case in point is Senator Bill Hansell, 32 years on the government payroll.

Based on his voting, you'd think Senator Hansell is from Portland. You’d be wrong, as he’s actually from Pendleton, one of the most bedrock conservative districts in the state.

How can he vote like a Portland liberal then come home and convince his constituents that he’s really one of them? How can he miss it so badly by voting in favor of illegal drivers licenses when 82% of the voters in his district voted to reject it (MZ88)?

Well, I can tell you from personal experience that he’s infected with a malady that infects the common sense brain cells of conservatives when they, for too long, hang around government bureaucrats, lobbyists and special interest groups in the echo chamber of the Capitol, city hall, or the county commission.

Infected Republicans like Senator Hansell, become delusional and out of touch with reality, succumbing to voting for bills that don’t sit well with their conservative constituents at home. Eventually, they screw over their constituents badly enough, that no amount of spinning their voting record in town hall meetings, union support or knocking on doors will save their political behinds.

Sooner or later, a true conservative will step forward, beat him in a primary and send Republicans like Hansell into retirement to collect their fat PERS pension at taxpayer expense.

Then the cycle begins again... as the newly elected conservative heads to Salem. The only way to break this cycle is if, we the people, from the very beginning, hold elected officials accountable to their voting record.

Jeff Kropf is a former eight year Republican Oregon state Representative. He's a lifelong Oregonian and executive director of Capital Watch PAC.

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