Bad Crime Bills

Dear fellow patriot, I received this e mail from a group of DA’s. It deserves your attention. “Unfortunately we didn't know, that even as we spoke, Kruse was screwing us and voting for the -2 version of SB 822. It passed out on a 3-2 vote and now goes to Ways and Means. If we are not able to do something, first with the Republicans and then with Williamson, were are completely lost on this. I have been told that currently Williamson is refusing to even negotiate any possible modifications to the bill. The irony is that we will go from being one of a minority of states that mandates no recording, to the state with perhaps the worst recording provisions for law enforcement and crime victims if this passes.”

Why is my former colleague and a good, conservative Republican like Jeff Kruse voting for an anti-crime victim piece of legislation like this? Do we all understand that crime is a wedge issue for us? SB822 as amended in the Senate, dangerously and needlessly exposes victims and none of us want to see that happen. A Grand Jury proceeding is secret and this bill removes that secrecy in certain circumstances, which could have deadly consequences. I acknowledge that I’ve been missing the boat on getting advanced information to you re: the crime bills. Our “lobbying” effort is not what it should be...yet. But you could sure help by more closely looking at the pending crime bills and at least asking if we have any concerns before guys like Jeff Kruse obligate themselves to getting in bed with Democrats like Prozanski and Williamson by supporting something like this. The approach to crime and crime victims is a defining issue between political parties, yet the majority of Oregonians have supported tough on crime initiatives over the years. That’s understandable as so many of us have been the victims of crime and we know how it disrupts our lives. Can you imagine how you would feel if you were called to testify in secret before a Grand Jury as the victim of a crime, only to have that testimony exposed? This cannot and must not happen! Please do not allow this bill to become law as written. I urge you to contact your state Representative or Senator and urge them to vote no unless amended to protect victims’ rights. You can find how to contact your legislator by clicking here: Then simply enter your address in the box under ‘Find My Legislators’ and click ‘go’ and your Senator and House members contact info will be displayed on a map. Please join me in stopping SB822. Sincerely, The Honorable Jeff Kropf (Ret) Founder, Capitol Watch Political Action Committee

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